Allgäu Breather – Apple dessert with spelled semolina – 100% organic

The “Allgäuer Breather” organic apple dessert, is a delicious poured spelled dessert made from 100% organic production. To take a break in between.

The delicious organic spelled semolina apple dessert

Made from healthy organic apples, spelled semolina and bavarian hay milk, this semolina dessert is a mix of healthy nutrition and sustainable production. Sugar, lemon juice, a pinch of salt, cinnamon and lemon peel round off the taste. You will look in vain for artificial flavors or thickeners. This is exactly what makes our “Allgäuer Verschnauferle” ORGANIC.

The long-lasting “Allgäu breather” apple dessert

Like all of our cheese soups and sauces, our Allgäuer Verschnauferle BIO can be kept for at least six months without refrigeration. The fine creaminess of this dessert makes you hungry for more.

Spooning is a must

Do you like to go hiking with friends and family? Do you want to teach your children how to eat healthy and tasty? For our “Allgäuer Verschnauferle” there are many moments for delicious enjoyment. Take a deep breath, take a break and enjoy the “Allgäuer Verschanuferle”, the new Dinky semolina dessert with apple. But: don’t forget your spoon.