Allgäu cheese sauce “Creamy” – with 12 months aged bavarian mountain cheese

The long-life Allgäu cheese sauce, with extra cheese, is the masterpiece of our product range. Why? Read more.

The creamy cheese sauce

We deliberately avoid everything that is found in other ready-made sauces. Flavor enhancers such as glutamate, sugar, yeast extracts and many more. You will also look in vain for thickening additives such as maltodextrin, rice starch or corn starch in our cheese sauce. The creamy cheese sauce simply consists of cheese, milk and fine spices. The delicous bavarian mountain cheese, matured for 12 months, gives it a pleasant taste.

The long-life cheese sauce

The creamy Allgäu cheese sauce is just as durable as our original Allgäu cheese soup. At least six months without refrigeration. We managed that too, without any loss of taste or texture and without the use of additives.

The simple preparation

Our sauce, made from natural ingredients, makes everyday life easier because it only needs to be heated. Either in the microwave, in the water bath or directly in the pot. We recommend the water bath because it is gently heated and nothing can “burn”.

The creamy Allgäu cheese sauce can be used universally as an addition to dishes or for gratinating, e.g. for a potato gratin.