Allgäu cheese soup mild “Gourmet” – with bavarian mountain cheese and white wine

The long-life Allgäu cheese soup mild “Gourmet” is a pleasure, not just for gourmets. Why? Continue reading.

The allgäu cheese soup mild “Gourmet”

This cheese soup mild “Gourmet” has no flavor-enhancing additives, but refined with white wine. With 6 and 12 months matured bavarian mountain cheese, as well as other ingredients from organic production, this soup is sure to hit the taste buds. It’s just a round thing. Open up, heat up, enjoy.

Long-life for connoisseurs

A cheese soup with ingredients from 100% organic production, that was easy. We achieved this feat with the Kimratshofen cheese dairy. The shelf life without additives is also important to us. At least 6 months without refrigeration. Done and successful.

Easy to prepare – the allgäu cheese soup mild

Our soup, made from natural ingredients, makes everyday life easier because it only needs to be heated. Either in the microwave, in the water bath or directly in the pot. We recommend the water bath because it is gently heated and nothing can “burn”.

The Allgäu “Gourmet” cheese soup is not just a quick, small meal, it also provides a tasty basis for a lovingly prepared menu.