Allgäu cheese soup spicey – with 24 months aged bavarian mountain cheese

The long-life Allgäu cheese soup spicy is our classic. Why? Read on here.

The real honest cheese soup

It is hard to believe what fabrics can be found in most of the ready-made soups. Usually it is flavor-enhancing additives such as glutamate, yeast extract, sugar and glucose syrup or cheap fillers such as maltodextrin, rice starch and corn starch. In our opinion, none of this has any place in a real soup. Because this should primarily consist of one thing: cheese.

The real reliable cheese soup

We wanted a cheese soup, so far, so good. But it should be stable for at least six months: and that was the challenge. The proverbial “salt in the soup” is therefore a problem-free shelf life without cooling and without supporting additives.

The real simple preparation

Our soup, made from natural ingredients, makes everyday life easier because it only needs to be heated. Either in the microwave, in the water bath or directly in the pot. We recommend the water bath because it is gently heated and nothing can “burn”.

The Allgäu cheese soup is not just a quick, small meal, it also provides a tasty basis for a lovingly prepared menu.